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Average Episode Rating

Season 1 Review & Recap: The Series so Far

Episode Rankings:
  1. Charlie Gets Molested (88)
  2. The Gang Gets Racist (84)
  3. Gun Fever (82)
  4. The Gang Finds a Dead Guy (81)
  5. Charlie Wants an Abortion (78)
  6. Underage Drinking, a National Concern (77)
  7. Charlie Has Cancer (74)


Best Episode: Charlie Gets Molested

Worst Episode: Charlie Has Cancer

Season Average: 80.6


When I typically go back and rewatch random episodes of comedies like Sunny, I have the tendency to go somewhere between seasons 3 and 6. I don’t know why – maybe I’m trying to avoid the “finding their ground” episodes and feel like these seasons often represent a comfortable groove. That being said, I don’t often find myself going back and watching season one of It’s Always Sunny either, so this was the first time I’ve seen some of these episodes in a little bit. 

The gang, of course, feels different early on. Dee has fewer speaking parts and is more often the “voice of reason” early on, pointing out the hypocrisy of attending pro-life rallies, trying to talk the rest of the gang out of plans, etc. She shines, though, in the first season’s best episode, Charlie Got Molested, where her narcissism begins to blossom and take form. It’s good to see. 

Honestly there were no “misses” in this season for me. While 74 may seem like a low score (Charlie Has Cancer), I’m trying to avoid just giving every episode a 95 here given the status of this show as one of my favorites of all time. Every episode from season one got at least a small handful of hearty guffaws out of me, if for no other reason than the fact that I hadn’t heard the jokes in a while.