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Episode Two: Charlie Wants an Abortion

Viewed: 1/6/21 at 6:55 am

First Time: No


  • The kid that plays Tommy is just…the poster child for awful, terrible, angry looking kid. 
  • “Lemme tell you something Megan, I hate dead baby fetuses.”
  • Two hot topics in two episodes, Sunny started off controversial.
  • Lots of polos in this episode.
  • In the podcast, Rob makes talks about not realizing that he looks silly when he throws something. I agree, Rob. 
  • “What if Jesus was Aborted?”
  • Don’t know that I fully buy Megan being so devoutly religious that she recites Bible verses, protests abortion, and pushes back against jokes about the apocalypse, but slept with Mac within about a day of meeting him. Isn’t pre-marital sex sorta off limits there?
  • Apparently Charlie had bad acne in high school, very Brad Fisher.