Episode Rating

Episode Twenty: Dennis and Dee’s Mom is Dead

Viewed: 4/21/22 at 6:39 am

First Time: No


  • The debut of the Jewish lawyer with gorgeous hands – another icon. 
  • The scene with the lawyer in which every single Reynolds misunderstands the will reading is fantastic. They’re all so entirely unconcerned with the death of their mother and what they’ll receive that they fail to grasp an incredibly simple concept. 
  • Going through the gang’s list of friends to find that Mac banged a few sisters, one killed himself, etc, is stellar. 
  • Frank thinks he can just shower AIDS off. 
  • The blonde dude in the dick-flier scene delivering the “do you work here?” line always gets me. 
  • I’ve always questioned the fact that, in the whole “Bruce needs to watch Dee and Frank have sex” plotline, they could simply say “I’m not comfortable with that” and it would resolve that issue. For Christ sake, it’s her father.