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Episode Twenty Three: The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation

Viewed: 7/8/22 at 7:14 am

First Time: No


  • The introduction of the duster – iconic. 
  • I love the concept of making their microbrew “more powerful”
  • Never caught Mac’s “I bought it with the money we’ll make at the pub crawl”
  • I do like seeing the dated technology (ie cell phones) from this era. As someone who has watched this show for a while (but, notably, not since its inception) I dont remember really noticing these prior. 
  • “How many possible lock combinations can there be” “Ohhhhhh so many!”
  • I love the scene of them just kicking the door, boldly, during business hours, with a bar full of people. 
  • Man this episode would probably be better if I knew who Rosie Perez is. There’s also an old, old Family Guy episode that makes reference to her. Maybe one day I’ll Google it. 
  • Okay she’s just an actor who has been in a lot of things I’ve never seen, mystery solved. 
  • There are a LOT of Asian references in this episode that, on the podcast, they mention regretting (gong sounds, “all asians know martial arts,” asians not aging, etc). Compared to other things they’ve done/said, these don’t seem to cross the same line that, for instance, saying the hard-R n-word does. 
  • The American Idol reference here is one that I have to imagine any generation born after mine won’t get. I’m right on the precipice of this one. Could any 20-28 year olds say who Randy Jackson is (was?).
  • However, the line “you’re so full of magic, you’re just a big round wizard” made me lol.
  • This episode really does an excellent job of showcasing while not focusing solely on any of the gang’s individual flaws. Dee’s alcoholism/need to prove she can act, Charlie’s illiteracy/inability to gauge situations, Dennis’s extreme narcissism, etc.