Episode Rating

Episode Twenty Six: Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person

Viewed: 7/18/22 at 6:51 am

First Time: No


  • This may be the episode I’ve seen the second most of em all. 
  • The birth of Dayman/Nightman lore starts here – and not in The Nightman Cometh as many seem to believe. Smh. 
  • I like using “_________ just make sense to me” in everyday life. 
  • “People who aren’t retarded normally drive.”
  • The scene in which Dennis and Dee are debating the “score” and it cuts to Kevin watching, followed by a pause and a “sup!” is perhaps the greatest scene in this show.
  • I love the competitive nature between Dennis and Dee in this episode. Sibling rivalry etc etc.
  • “Do you even own a toothbrush?”
  •  Dennis soundlessly taking the bottle of spray paint out of Charlie’s hands as he goes to huff it during the Dayman scene is such a great joke.
  • Fun fact: I read an interview a while back with Glenn Howerton (I think) in which he discussed the fact that this episode was originally going to be titled “Sweet Dee is Dating a Retard,” but they decided that – even with their imperfect track record – they wanted to dial it back to “retarded person,” which felt offensive, but at least humanizing to a degree.