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Episode Twenty Seven: Mac is a Serial Killer

Viewed: 7/20/22 at 6:55 am

First Time: No


  • The entire opening where Dennis, Charlie and Dee are discussing how inconvenient it would be to dispose of Dee’s body, capped off with her saying “he could use his regular tools” is such a great Sunny cross dialogue example.
  • Carmen’s flaccid penis is…impressive. 
  • Watching these episodes with the hindsight of Mac’s sexuality is interesting. I’m not sure at which point in the process the gang decided Mac would be canonically gay, but I dont imagine it was determined yet given how put off he seems by the presence of a penis. 
    • But I guess like, Republican lawmakers are often the same way, so.
  • Top 10 quote, easily: “Pepperjack loves Fraggle Rock”
    • “See now Pepperjack now I feel like we’re miscommunicating”
    • “Pepperjack are you serious.”
  • This is partially a sidebar, but scenes like the one with Mac-Charlie when Mac is admitting to being with Carmen, but Charlie is under the impression he’s admitting to be a serial killer, truly drive my anxiety up. Not in a comedy, I guess, but any scene in a movie where two characters are talking, but on totally different pages, and you just want them to say SOMETHING that would make this apparent drives me insane. 
  • I never caught the “Are you wearing my Drakkar” line prior to today.
  • This episode is cruising in the low to mid 80s until the last ~5 minutes in my opinion. The “Dee, can you do a girl’s voice” always makes me laugh, as does ““Not so young and attractive now””
  • In what universe would Mac not recognize either Dee’s apartment building, or her VOICE, which he’s visited/heard many many times.