Episode Rating

Episode Twenty Four: The Gang Sells Out

Viewed: 7/12/22 at 6:42 am

First Time: No


  • The scenes that open with the gang arguing among themselves, then cut to another character sitting there waiting for them never fails to land. 
  • The “wood” scene is one of my favorite Charlieisms. 
  • I’m also always curious in fiction like this what the offer for the bar WOULD be to justify the reactions it gets. 
  • I’m only now realizing that this episode – the name of which doesn’t ignite initial “oh, great episode” thoughts from me, has some iconic lines. The job-jobbies line is another killer. 
  • How does Charlie know to find Dee at the Oldies Rock Cafe? PLOTHOLEPLOTHOLEPLOTHOLE
  • I’ve seen this episode countless times, and I genuinely still do not understand Dees Doubledrop. She takes one (presumably higher) check, and re-uses it for another table, but wouldn’t that customer notice? Also they’re not sticking it to corporate bastards, just unwitting customers, if I’m understanding correctly, as Dee would still have to pay the lower check amount to the restaurant. 
  •  For some reason the Waitress calling them “complete ass faces” never quite landed with me. Feels like vernacular that doesn’t usually make its way into Sunny.