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Episode Twenty Eight: Dennis Looks like a Registered Sex Offender

Viewed: 7/21/22 at 6:55 am

First Time: No


  • Once again, two days in a row I started the episode at exactly the same time. God is good.
  • Also two straight episodes that directly disparage a member of the gang in their title. 
  • Charlie’s impatience while the woman is in his apartment is incredible. 
  • I once read a theory that the gang does not look how we see them on the show – Mac is fat, Dennis is unattractive (and/or overweight), etc, and we only see them how they see themselves. The Dennis-Wendel connection here lends something to that theory.
  • “Has he ever eaten anyone that you know of?” “I dont think so..”
  • The concept of looking almost identical to a felon in your neighborhood – especially one with a heinous track record – is absolutely mind blowingly horrifying to me. I’m getting anxious even thinking about needing to explain to everyone I see on the street that I’m not the child molester. 
  • “I may not be much, but I think you’ll find I’m a pretty sweet deal” is something I’d like to get tattooed across my face. 
  • I feel like TV shows make hotwiring cars look so simple, it makes me want to go and try it out. Let me know if anyone reading this has a burner car. 
  • Mac’s delivery of the “this is about families getting back together and raising little boys so that they can be happy again, happy boys, this is about happy boys” is absolutely perfectly done. 
  • There’s a scene where the stand in for Dennis while they’re confronting Wendel is nodding while Dennis’s voice is vehemently disagreeing with what’s being said. CONTINUITY ERROR BITCHES.