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Episode Thirty-Two: The Gang Dances Their Asses Off

Viewed: 10/3/22 at 6:55 am

First Time: No


  • Whoops, accidentally took a month plus off here.
  • I put the bar under the Pride Section
  • I gave it a once over!
  • I have a soft spot for fake TV show DJs. I think Family Guy was “Weenie and the Butt,” Parks and Rec had The Douche, and Sunny has DJ Squirrely D and Fat Michael. 
  • Literally everyone stops dancing when a dance-off happens. There are so many exploitable rules in this episode. 
  • I have never ONCE seen you wear deodorant Charlie
  • In situations where Dee suggests something only to be ignored and have another member suggest it, I struggle to read whether the gang is actually just ignorant of half of what Dee says, or they’re simply being dicks. In my mind, either one is entirely feasible. 
  • I like that Cricket just obliterating Dee’s knee to gift the win to Larry is just entirely kosher in this competition.