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Episode Thirty-Three: Mac and Dennis: ManHunters

Viewed: 10/26/22 at 7:02 am

First Time: No


  • I slapped it on the radiator for a minute and that warmed it. Dee and Charlie are eating…just warmed, raw, steak. 
  • For some reason Charlie’s “sharing, it’s a rule now” punctuated by blowing a raspberry always felt like a very un-Sunny line to me.
  • We got monkey.
  • I always wonder in scenes where someone is playing a dead body, how do they avoid chest/breathing movements? Are they just edited out? Do the actors train with David Blaine? Are they actually just dead people?
  • Cannibalism? Racism Dee? That’s not for us, that’s a decision that’s best left to the suits in Washington.
  • I do like how quickly Dennis moves on from finding Charlie and Dee ready to eat a homeless teen.