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Episode Thirteen: The Gang Gives Back

Viewed: 2/10/22 at 12:07 pm

First Time: No


  • I’m realizing now that the restaurant they dine and dash from in the cold open is featured a number of times, but never, to my recollection, named? The mugs are from Anthonys, which is pictured as being across the street, and definitely doesn’t serve prawns or linguine. 
  • I’m noticing during this episode that the gang’s wardrobe seems to be solidifying as the series goes on. I mean, this is how it works, but yeah.
  • “Oh shit, I was so close” when Charlie gets the Waitress’s number is a primo line. 
  • It’s pretty clear that this episode was filmed/planned for earlier in the series, as Frank chides Dennis for sleeping with the Waitress when he did the same two episodes ago.