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Episode Seventeen: Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad

Viewed: 3/1/22 at 6:55 am

First Time: No


  • Jesus Frank. JeSUS Frank. Oh JESUS FrANK.
  • Luther appearance #1. 
  • Frank punctuating each word with a pull of the trigger is great, as is “I dont wanna be his friend I wanna shoot him in the face.”
  • “A lot of different…kinds of things..I’ll tell you what a lot of this kinda stuff right here.”
  • The Luter-Charlie-Mac storyline here gets me every time. 
  • “Lupus is awesome.”
  • How in the world would Bonnie not know where Charlie – her little angel – lives or recognize his address when she showed up for the date with Frank?
  • I know via cultural osmosis that there’s an episode regarding Charlie’s dad in season 14 or 15. I haven’t seen it to this point, and refuse to recognize it as canonical until I do.