Episode Rating

Episode Seven: Charlie Got Molested

Viewed: 1/18/21 at 6:54 am

First Time: No


  • I find it hard to remember who went to school with whom all the time. I guess Charlie and Mac went to elementary school together but the Renyolds didnt. 
  • The molestation episode brings back the whole “Dee and Dennis went to college” (U Penn!) reference that they almost entirely dropped after. 
  • The introduction of the two best characters in the series: Liam and Ryan McPoyle. The visual moisture on both of them throughout the series makes me feel wet from here. 
  • I also minored in psych and would probably defer to someone with three quarters of a major (or a full major, like my sister). 
  • “Did you say ‘we’ just stepped out of the shower?”
  • The shot of the McPoyles and Charlie out with friends at a bar a year prior to this episode feels wildly non canonical. 
  • Mac’s shorts. 
  • “..What do you want me to do?”
  • I never noticed everyone turning in the bar when Mac says “I’ve been reading up on pedophilia.” 
  • I wish there were more of the banter Dennis and Dee show in this episode. 
  • Charlie’s famous sisters make their first and last appearance here, as does Uncle Jack. 
  • “Slower” combined with Charlie’s quick glance up are another quick throwaway I love.