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Episode One: The Gang Gets Racist

Viewed: 1/5/21 at 6:45 am

First View?: No


  • I watched this episode years and years ago with a friend who had ostensibly never seen the show. Somehow, she picked up on the fact that Terrell was gay prior to the reveal, seemingly right as Dennis realizes it in the bar scene. 
  • Dee says the line “I love you guys very much” which is a sentiment that will not last.
  • Just realized that Terrell is played by the same guy who plays Lem in Better Off Ted.
  • “Now when you say ‘sister’…”
  • I’ll avoid adding too much commentary on the removed episodes from Hulu, but it’s still wild to me that they left the hard-r n-word in this episode, but thought that Dee as Martina Martinez was too much to handle. 
  • “I’ll make sure to put lots of cream in yours.”
  • Temple! I’ve gotten drunk underage there! Nice to see scenes shot in and around Philly in this episode. 
  • I know this episode was shot 10+ years ago but I dont think I’ve ever seen anyone under 100 years old playing dominos. 
  • This episode does a good job of laying the foundation that these people are not supposed to be good people. 
  • “I hate listening to people’s dreams. It’s like flipping through a stack of photographs, If im not in any of them and no ones having sex I just dont care.” This is an incredible line. I’m not sure if it’s torn from somewhere but I love it. 
  • Mac has a cousin Brett who sports a really strange haircut here, like a top-bun mixed with a mohawk. 
  • Dennis’s twirling money grab when he embraces being the token hot bartender is one of my favorite scenes in the show.