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Episode Nineteen: The Gang Gets Invincible

Viewed: 3/31/22 at 6:34 am

First Time: No


  • I started this episode at the exact same time of the day that I started episode 18 (6:54). Not an episode observation but still.
  • The line “Green Man got me through some hard times but im done with it” gets me every time. 
  • About 65% of this episode is just the gang leaning into Dee and her physical shortcomings. 
  • I am curious as to what position Doyle would play when he made the Eagles. Maybe linebacker? But he’s not really large enough for that to be honest. 
  • Small bits from the Donovan McNabb scene that I love – him flipping his sunglasses up and going “oo” and flipping them back down, him starting to turn to the coach to get his money before realizing he didn’t deliver his last line and turning back to say Im Lovin It. 
  • Is that what all those little pieces of paper were, I drank all that shit dude!
  • Thats my dance, that’s my signature dance! 
  • Franks “Oooookkkkaaay” when on acid is another peak Frank line delivery.