Episode Rating

Episode Fourteen: The Gang Exploits a Miracle

Viewed: 2/22/22 at 12:03 pm

First Time: No


  • The introduction of Rickety Cricket. Iconic. 
  • One thing that, to this day, I am unclear on in this episode. I’m sure it makes me remarkably thick, but I cannot tell whether, at any point, Dee was actually into Cricket. Obviously at first she pursues him because the guys egg her on, that much is clear. But as the episode progresses it, in my mind, gets a bit less clear. 
  • Charlie during all white suited scenes are easily, easily some of the best of the season, if not the series as a whole. 
  • They mention on the podcast that multiple times Rob has been spit on have been real. I don’t know if I could honestly handle that. 
  • Weak last scene IMO, but great episode overall.