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Episode Four: Charlie Has Cancer

Viewed: 1/11/21 at 6:47 am

First Time: No


    • The original shoot of this episode was the pilot, fun fact. 
    • Charlie’s place is way cleaner (and looks more like a set) than it does in later seasons.
    • Why do I feel like we almost never see Dennis in shorts outside of the opening scene here. 
    • This episode mentions both Dennis and Dee not only going to college, but they later reference attending UPenn. How these two got into an Ivy League school is beside me. Perhaps Frank made a sizable contribution.
    • I love the cadence with which Carmen says “Yeah.” when asked if it’s a penis in her pants. For what it’s worth, Carmen also looks to be hung. 
    • I guess this could be an early, early indicator of Mac’s unrecognized homosexuality, but I believe in the podcast the guys mention it wasn’t intended. 
    • Some of the earlier writing, especially from Dee, is un-”The Gang” like but still entertaining. “You can accessorize your compassion with your outfit.”
    • This episode is contributing to the OVER 50 YEAR OLD “throwing snowballs and batteries at Santa” Eagles lore. LET IT GO PEOPLE. 
    • I do like how both Gail the Snail and Artemis are referenced as working at Wawa. There are more employment opportunities in Philadelphia than Wawas. 
    • “Are you doing another scene?”
    • A piece of signage on a building in the background of a scene lists a phone number that apparently belongs to a Howard Johnson in Philadelphia. Sup Howie. 
    • Carmen and Mac are watching a basketball game when Dennis enters but are tossing a football in the air. 
    • The “move the hips back” move Mac pulls when kissing Carmen is fantastic. 
    • Mac calling his mom to tell her about Carmen is very Mac, and very not Mac’s mom. 
    • Mary Elizebeth Ellis’s little smile when asked for the money back is also stellar.