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Episode Eight: Charlie Gets Crippled

Episode Eight: Charlie Gets Crippled


Viewed: 1/120/22 at 5:24 pm (Realized I’ve been writing 2021 here, but I have no intention of going back and editing it)

First Time: No


  • I won’t wax poetic about the addition of Danny DeVito here, but he obviously has a huge impact on the series. 
  • Frank hates the kind of person that Barbera made him, which is interesting given he will gradually become a significantly worse person as the series goes on.
  • Maybe the first of the show’s famous “slowly pan over after a big argument to show someone else sitting there.”
  • Natasha Leggaro plays one of the strippers in this episode, and i am proud of myself for recognizing this. 
  • Both of the strippers in this episode have strong, incredibly non-Philadelphia accents. 
  • Mac dropping the stripper IMMEDIATELY upon losing the race is wonderful. 
  • The moment Dee rips Dennis’s teddy bear is likely the point at which he begins his descent into madness. 
  • This episode also appears to be the first time Dee is shown to also be a fairly shitty person.
  • I love the concept of the one guy in the wheelchair approaching them in the mall simply because they are also in wheelchairs. Not being in a wheelchair, I dont know exactly how it works, but I can’t imagine too many disabled people cruise around the mall looking for others in wheelchairs to befriend.