As fall begins to yield to the throes of winter, the time we spend outdoors grows smaller and smaller, the blistering wind forcing us from our football fields, our playgrounds and our above ground post-Trump nuclear war bunkers to the safety and warmth of the indoors.

And where are there many homes that feature interior walls that block gusts of wind? Why yes, Lancaster Pennsylvania!

Known world-round for playing home to the Amish, sprawling farms and other things that I just can’t think of right now but certainly exist, Lancaster, PA is the perfect place to live if you need a place to live and Lancaster isn’t inconvenient.

Those who have left Lancaster often find themselves drawn back to the area later in life, finding other regions of the country to have fewer exploitable religious groups that you can kind of make fun of in an attempt to convince yourself Lancaster has shit to do.

If you live in Lancaster, you’ll know it by these five hallmark signs you surely can relate to!

Your Drivers License Says It

This is one isn’t perfect, but it holds true for a lot of people. A classic sign that you’re living in Lancaster, Pa is that your drivers license will say it right on it! Most people from Lancaster have it right on their license, a fact largely reflective of just how loveable and tightly knit this area is—we wanna always carry a bit of it with us! That is SO Lancaster!

Your Mailing Address Is in Lancaster

What better a way to identify whether you live in Lancaster, Pa than by checking your mailing address? While there are more complicated methods to check this, I find the most reliable to be sitting cross-legged next to your front door all afternoon until you hear the mailman (or mailwoman, because apparently they can do that now) drop off some letters in your mailbox. Then, you just check in the mail box (reach right in, it’s free!) and grab the first piece of mail. Right on the front you’ll see your address, if you see the word “Lancaster” on the front, you almost definitely live in Lancaster! So relatable!

You’re in the Eastern TimeZone

If you’ve established you live in Lancaster, but you’re not sure which one, don’t fret, the US government invented a complicated system of sun-based territories called “time-zones.” Developed by scientists in the early 1940s, time zones are believed to have been created to tell the different cities named “Lancaster” apart. Because there is both a Lancaster, Pa and a Lancaster, California (dumb and confusing!) sometimes it’s easy to forget which you’re in. But us real Lancaster, Pa people know that it’s eastern all the way! So east coast of us!

You Sometimes See the Sign that Says “Welcome to Lancaster City”

Ugh, try asking your friends in Georgia if THEY can relate to this! I bet they can’t! In fact, people from most other states (looking at you again, California) can’t say this, making it a classic Lancaster, Pa experience that only you and a few other hundred thousands have ever had!

When You Google “Where Am I?” It Says Lancaster

Just like your parents always told you, if you don’t know something try Googling it and believing the first thing that you see no matter what and refuse to change your beliefs moving forward. If you open Google and type (hint: use the keys!) “Where Am I?” Google’s friendly robots and also other things will find out where you are and tell you. If it says Lancaster, you TOTALLY live in Lancaster, Pa! Lol! Classic you!