I don’t write as much as I used to.

That’s not your fault, that’s mine, but I wanted to lead with that background to contextualize why I’m going to be writing a line or two, and adding a score, to every single episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, starting at the beginning much like Charlie, Rob and Glenn are doing with their new podcast (they’re not rating the episodes, but they wrote them so that would be weird).

For years I could confidently claim that I had seen every single episode of IASiP at least a handful of times. I can still say that about seasons 1-10, when I firmly believe the show was in its prime. I’ve seen smatterings of seasons 11 and on, but never committed to watching because of how different the series felt and because there are few things I hate more than watching a show I love dearly tanks into oblivion.

Now I’ll have a way of adding some quantification to that, and reason to both write and watch every episode.

Welcome to Sunny Days.