OJ Is Innocent and I Can Prove It

By: OJ Simpson  Bill Dear

Book number two in my endless journey to get to the bottom of the OJ Simpson case. You all trust me to solve this one, so the pressure is resting squarely on me right now, and I think I’m the guy who can do it.

The book is very detailed (read: long) and it’s clear research was done and people were spoken to (two fairly necessary prerequisites for writing an investigative crime book). If you’re a fan of the OJ Simpson case or Bill Dear (Dear himself seems to be a fan of both of the above), I recommend giving it a read. You’ll sink some time into it but he does raise some good points and add to my already present distrust of the Los Angeles Police Department. For that and that alone*, I can recommend this book.

Conclusion: Maybe he didn’t do it. But he probably did. 

Official RyanRating™:  ★★★★☆
* This book actually was pretty interesting overall. Did you know Jason Simpson was a chef? Me neither.