If I Did It

By: OJ Simpson

And His ghostwriter Pablo

And Fred Goldman

And Kim Goldman

And Donald Trump

This was (naturally) the first book I read when I got on my OJ Simpson kick after watching “The People vs. OJ” on Netflix every day after work for about a week. I enjoy crime stories — particularly the controversial/unsolved variety because they allow me to make a determination for myself, playing judge, jury and executioner*.

This one was profoundly disappointing. About 90% of the book is lead up to the night of the murders, detailing OJ’s relationship with Nicole and the (oddly specific/detailed) conversations he had had over the past 10-15 years. The murder is distilled down to about three pages, the gist of which can be summed up with (spoiler alert): “I didn’t do it, but if I did then I went over her house, blacked out, and then murdered her.”

That being said, I suppose it’s sort of interesting to read the exact conversation OJ had with every person he had interacted with in the months leading up to and directly following his wife’s murder, so I’ll say it’s not a straight wash.

Conclusion: He did it.

Official RyanRating™:  ★★☆☆☆
* I am not, in fact, allowed to execute anyone, despite reading numerous books on the subject.